Oktober 2006
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Pleite on Tour 2013/14

4.8. Jena (A, DFB)

17.8. Hoppelheim (H)

24.8. Berlin (A)

31.8. Braunschweig (H)

14.9. Dortmund (A)

21.9. Wer da? (H)

20.10. VfB (H)

2.11. Gladbach (H)

24.11. H96 (H)

29.11. Wolfsburg (A)

3.12. Köln (H, DFB)

26.1. Schalke (H)

8.2. Hertha (H)

12.2. FCB (H, DFB)

22.2. BVB (H)

8.3. Eintracht (H)

26.3. Freiburg (H)

4.4. Leverkusen (H)

12.4. H96 (A)

3.5. FCB (H)

10.5. Mainz (A)

15.5. Fürth (H)

18.5. Fürth (A)




12. Okt. 2006

Tomorrow’s Friday the 13th. But, to be honest, after all that I’ve gone through today, on an ordinary Thursday the 12th, I can face that day with a grin. It can hardly get worse.

It started in the morning, when I stood at the bus stop waiting for the bus to take me to work for about 25 minutes. Normally a bus shows up every 5 minutes. I should have taken that as a sign, bought myself a bottle of vodka and crawled into bed.

Next was the ticket desaster. I still have no ticket, but people around me either have tickets or say things like “I’m so glad I don’t have tickets, it saves me a lot of money.” after having planned to fly with me to London for weeks.

Anyway. Next was some weird things going on at work, I don’t wanna talk about.

After that, I had a lot of strange problems with the guy who arranged the world premiere concert of IO, the band I work for. (More about IO very soon.)

When I finally managed to quit work and head to the supermarket to get myself one of those delicious-looking mango-passionfruit smoothies they had in their ads (I love passionfruit stuff. But I hate the peach-passionfruit stuff you can get everywhere) I should’ve known there would be no smoothies… but an old woman trying to pay with a 200 Euro-banknote at 7.55 pm in a shop that closes at 8 pm. Of course, the cashier didn’t have enough change and had to cancel 20 items one by one…

pleiteundjensI decided to spend the rest of the evening sitting here without trying to cook something eatable (Otherwise I might burn the house down). I’ll just do a bit of writing and hope my notebook will still be alive tomorrow.

Steve made found this picture of me and Jens Lehmann which definitely proofs I’m a WAG (Wives and girlfriends, for those amongst us not knowing this abbreviation) and need to attend the match Arsenal vs. Hamburg. Look at the nice black gloves Jens is wearing…!

(And look how discrete I keep myself in the background…)

12. Okt. 2006

Here we go again… I’m starting to feel like Bill Murray in “Groundhog Day”. I just found out that, finally, after weeks of waiting (And I mentioned I am not patient at all when needing tickets for my favorite football team), the Champions League tickets for Arsenal vs Hamburg are on sale. I already booked my flight and I really NEED a ticket.

Well, at first, like always, the online ticket store was down due to massive request. And now after André finally got logged in, it’s sold out. YAY.

So… I got a flight to London, to see a match, I don’t have tickets for. Hooray!

Okay. I need your help now. What more can I do? Ebay? Get myself a rope? Buy a ticket on the black-market? Try to become a WAG asap? This seems to be a hopeless case… :-(

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