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Pleite on Tour 2013/14

4.8. Jena (A, DFB)

17.8. Hoppelheim (H)

24.8. Berlin (A)

31.8. Braunschweig (H)

14.9. Dortmund (A)

21.9. Wer da? (H)

20.10. VfB (H)

2.11. Gladbach (H)

24.11. H96 (H)

29.11. Wolfsburg (A)

3.12. Köln (H, DFB)

26.1. Schalke (H)

8.2. Hertha (H)

12.2. FCB (H, DFB)

22.2. BVB (H)

8.3. Eintracht (H)

26.3. Freiburg (H)

4.4. Leverkusen (H)

12.4. H96 (A)

3.5. FCB (H)

10.5. Mainz (A)

15.5. Fürth (H)

18.5. Fürth (A)



30. Nov. 2006

Blogging about blogging. Well. Nothing I normally deal with here. But I have drawn a conclusion I don’t wanna keep away from you: Blogging kills smalltalk.

Yes. It’s sad but true. The more I blog, the more I get into situations like this:
I meet someone I haven’t seen for a while. We start chatting and sooner or later (Most of the time it’s sooner) my opponent interrupts me saying: I already know that. You blogged about it.

How shall I avoid situations like that? Blog less? Or maybe… Talk less?

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  1. André schreibt:

    Spend less time with bloggers? ;-)

    30. Nov. 2006 | #

  2. pleitegeiger schreibt:

    Maybe I should start spending less time with you? :-P Oh, I forgot… You quit blogging.

    BTW: Many of my readers here don’t have a blog.

    30. Nov. 2006 | #

  3. André schreibt:

    I could always close down your subdomain, that should help with your smalltalk issues :P

    30. Nov. 2006 | #

  4. pleitegeiger schreibt:

    Don’t you dare…!

    30. Nov. 2006 | #

  5. André schreibt:

    Or what?

    30. Nov. 2006 | #

  6. Jan Theofel schreibt:

    That’s a situation I know very good. One solution might be to blog with less details. So you can ask, if the other person already read what you’ve written. If this is the case you can add the details, otherwise you can tell the complete storry.

    1. Dez. 2006 | #

  7. pleitegeiger schreibt:

    Me? Not blogging in any detail? *muahaha* Nice try, but I guess that won’t work… ;-)

    1. Dez. 2006 | #

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