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Pleite on Tour 2013/14

4.8. Jena (A, DFB)

17.8. Hoppelheim (H)

24.8. Berlin (A)

31.8. Braunschweig (H)

14.9. Dortmund (A)

21.9. Wer da? (H)

20.10. VfB (H)

2.11. Gladbach (H)

24.11. H96 (H)

29.11. Wolfsburg (A)

3.12. Köln (H, DFB)

26.1. Schalke (H)

8.2. Hertha (H)

12.2. FCB (H, DFB)

22.2. BVB (H)

8.3. Eintracht (H)

26.3. Freiburg (H)

4.4. Leverkusen (H)

12.4. H96 (A)

3.5. FCB (H)

10.5. Mainz (A)

15.5. Fürth (H)

18.5. Fürth (A)



14. Jul. 2006

Now the Fan-Fest is gone and the trash was picked from the streets. There will be a lot of garbage again tomorrow night, as there’ll be the Love Parade. But anyway – the World Cup is over.

I found this at Markus’ private Blog (BTW: If you want me to link that one, just drop me a line… Until then I’ll better keep it private): A nice video with some awesome scenes from the World Cup.

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  1. Markus schreibt:

    It’s okay, link to it. It’s just a blog without a special theme. It’s not that “private” ;)

    14. Jul. 2006 | #

  2. Steve schreibt:

    Thats excellent but it just makes the pain of no more football even worse.

    14. Jul. 2006 | #

  3. pleitegeiger schreibt:

    @ Markus: I didn’t know if you want traffic for blogs without google ads ;-)

    @ Steve: You’re damn right. Maybe when we look at it for about 90 minutes that’s as satisfying as a real match…? You should try that during your nightshift :-)

    14. Jul. 2006 | #

  4. André schreibt:

    There! Did you see it? That Portugese bastard kicking Robben in the chest. What a cunt… Same goes for Bono btw.

    14. Jul. 2006 | #

  5. Martina schreibt:

    What a great clip! I have chickenskin all over… I’ll watch this over and over again…

    15. Jul. 2006 | #

  6. pleitegeiger schreibt:

    Sweetheart, get your cute li’l ass away from the computer and out in the sunshine! :-)

    BTW: I got goosebumps, too.

    15. Jul. 2006 | #

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